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Geritom offers clinical pharmacy services and specialty medication management programs for complex and chronic health conditions. Our goal is to provide you with therapeutic advantages and improve the continuum of care. We focus on maximizing positive health outcomes by completing comprehensive drug regimen reviews that minimize duplicate therapies and potential adverse events. These reviews include analysis of drug-to-drug interactions with your prescription medications, OTC medications, and supplements. We also offer real time adherence monitoring with text based communications between the patient, the caregiver, and the pharmacy.  This monitoring helps to increase adherence rates and medication possession ratios. 

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Managing complex diseases and chronic health condidtions such as HIV/AIDS can be an overwhelming task. We understand how difficult this can be and provide patient focused services and support programs including:

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Once you begin your custom medication program for your complex disease, our specially trained pharmacists will review your medications with you and your doctors. They will stay involved to ensure medication adherence and patient safety. Your medications will be delivered to you, along with any medical supplies you may need. In addition, our care coordinators will manage your refill needs to make sure you're maximizing your prescription coverage so you're not spending more than you need to.

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